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We Pop Champagne Pearls O0O0O0O0O


The Nike Air Foamposite Pearl Pro HOH’s were met with alot of mixed emotions.

Some people preferred the the OG pearls with the true Rick-Rouse-Cocaine-White-Lexus-Paint color and Gum soles.

Some people liked the icey sole but didn’t like the color.

Others Liked them because it was something different and beasted to get them.

All I kno is that they smelled like Dusty Chocolate. If anyone still has their House of Hoops Bag, take a whiff real quick. I bet you it still smells like dusty-chocolate even WEEKS later.

I’m still on the fence about these.  Overall, I would have liked to See the OG Pearl Color with the Icey Soles.
I kno 1 Guy who is all over these though…

…yep u guessed it… the ether boy himself. We all know how he likes champagne….

We’re gonna give these 3 smoke faces and a “WTF ARE THOSE!?”  Stamp because most people haven’t seen these in person.

***We’re all out of stock on these. Good looks to the people who got them! Don’t cause to much neck trauma***


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