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We Are All Witnessessssssssss

Ok so after Lebron owned up every one in the NBA (Kobe got at him once or twice), Lebron was selected as the NBA’s Most Valuable Player for the 2008-2009 season. Nike had a good idea this was going to happen months in advance and Remixed the Lebron VI’s into a pair of Podiatric Perfection.

The Lebron MVPs were released a month early on but didn’t ship until the release date on May 30th. I was lucky enough to wake up early and get a couple pairs. TeflonBeatzz was actually IN OHIO at the time and couldn’t get a pair because they weren’t released there. Doesn’t make much sense to me. Isn’t Lebron from Ohio? Doesn’t he play for Cleveland? At least Eastbay sold them for the people not lucky enough to live in a city where they released… I hope all the Lebron Beasts got their pair because we’re all sold out!
The Lebron VI’s are hot in pretty much any colorway but the design details on the MVPs set them apart. MVPs are gettin 4 Smokefaces. If he made it to finals we would have gave them 5 but floppery will never be rewarded over here!!!


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