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I Got It From Here Ye’…damn.



Walkin on the Moon forreal. Now I know what Kanye was talkin about because the inside of these are like silk pillows for the feet, the leather is buttery soft like lexus interior and the shoe feels real solid like the Jordans of old. OH and did i Mention the Glow!?…..I didn’t yet….hol’ on 1 second …time to charge up.

Sheeesh. Lemme get the shades…These kicks are official. Put em up to the light for about 20 -30 seconds and they glow Green Bright enough to make Superman nervous!

As you can see, this is only2 out of the  3 colorways. If we can find a way to get a pair of black pinks for less than rape price then we’ll cop but 700+ is kind of crazy. Expecially with the way it’s been raining here in NY. You’d think we lived in Seattle with Shawn Kemp and Bill Gates.

Which colorway does everyone like the best? Zens are cool. They used to be my second choice behind the Black/Pinks but then…..

The Net/Net Tan colorway dropped and after TeflonBeatzz got them and I saw them in person, they pushed the Zens to 3rd place. These look alot better in person and they don’t look like any other sneaker.

All the colorways are piff and we’re givin Yeezys the 5 Smokeface Treatment. They’re an instant classic and are one of the best sneakers ever.


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