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Transformers Quickstrike~!

Uh ohhhhh. What have them Blac Keyz Kicks boys done now???

As some on you may or may not know,  on July 10th the second Transformers Pack was released in the US at the 3 House of Hoops locations.  We woke up early,  drove out to Harlem and got a parking spot right across the street.  After a Mcdonald’s Run, watching crackheads breakdance and a close encounter with the Department of Sanitation(Can’t park on 125th from 8am-9am for street-cleaning), House of Hoops opened bright and early at 8am. Now you know there is allllways some bull-ish goin on when HOH opens.

Apparently, they gave out tickets to people camped out the night before and that caused some confusion with the order of the line. Everyone was lined up to the right side of the store and instead of telling everyone to simply move back to make space for the people who already had tickets, everyone that came that morning had to swtich to the left side of the store so that the people with tickets from the night before could line up on the right. THEEENNNNN the people who came that morning had to move BACK to the right side which caused some cutting and shifting but thats to be expected at HOH. I’m not salty though, just telling everyone what happened out there.  As you can see from above, we were good. After the line was formed, everyone got tickets and the beastin begun. At one point the registers weren’t working, then the credit cards wouldn’t swipe but forget all that. ON TO THE KICKS!!!!!

The Nike Air Zoom Flight Club TF MEGATRON

These were possibly the most anticipated pair out of the three released. The beast level was extra high for these! One dude on line bought a pair from someone when they came out of the store for an undisclosed amount. He didn’t care about the other three.  He was in front of us. He could have gone in and got a pair!!! I guess Hypebeast anxiety took over and he couldn’t wait another 15minutes.

Five Smokefaces for these for the uncontrollable beasting.

Nike Zoom FunPolice Supreme BumbleBee

Probably The 2nd most anticipated out the pack, normal sizes sold out pretty fast. They came out pretty hot. If yellow is your thing, then you need these on stash.

We’re giving these 3 smokefaces. If you love yellow then you might go for 5.

Nike Zoom Sharkalaid Soundwave

These were the sleeper. Probably the least anticipated our of the three. I mean, wtf is a “soundwave” anyway? but yo these kicks are FRESH.  Ima hit yall with a front view so you can get a better feel.

BLUE SUEDE?!!?!?! WHENS THE LAST TIME YOU SAW BLUE SUEDE ON A NIKE?! AOWWW!! Any time you see blue, its nubuck. These joint were SUEDE! with the Digital-Looking Cross Strap!! I like these the best because they dont look like anything else. Rock these and people will be catching 3rd Degree whiplash!
Five smokefaces for Blue suede and Originality.

We have these available in 11.5 12 and 13. Contact us at if interested.


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