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So Today we were ready to go to House of Hoops to re-up on Transformers until we got the word that shipment wasn’t expected today. As you know, getting info from HOH over the phone is like trying to decipher hieroglyphics. I don’t know if they’re trying to avoid lines or a crowd but you can never get a straight answer. People are already camped there for the Livestrong Dunk FLOMs. We were told that they didn’t know if the shipment of transformers were coming in today between 6 and 8pm or coming in today at all. So instead of transformers we got something ellllssseeeee.

…I’ll let the pic tell the rest…

annnddd the debate on whether the soles are Solid black or Translucent. They’re SmokeFace Grey!

This was our anticipation and reaction when we saw the
Black Half Cents

These weren’t supposed to come out for a couple weeks but we have them now. Sizes 10.5 – 13.  Let us know if you are interested.


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