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Nike Hypermax NFW Tennis Ball Neon Yellow

The Tennis Ball Hypermax NFW Pack is hot but forget the Blue Pair. Forget the Red Pair…Its allll about the NEONS! Most stores were only blessed with a handful of these and they immediately sold out leaving the remaining people on line Salty with envy.

We first tried to get these at Sneaker Bistro in Patchogue, Long Island (Shout out to everyone at Bistro) but they only had 6 pairs and we missed out by a couple of spots. We thought all hope was lost and we didn’t feel like dealing with the House of Hoops beasting. Lucikly, NikeTown Las Vegas got a restock and they accept phone orders!

We’re Giving these 5 Smokefaces for Max Neckbreaking Potential with a possible case of temporary blindness

We Still have a size 11 and size 12 For Sale so send us an IM (BlacKeyzKicks)  or E-mail ( so we can get you yours .


One Comment

  1. I’ve shopped everywhere in Vegas. Definetly one of the Nike’s Pioneer trendsetters! LMAO!

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